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Original Microbrewery Tour - Group Brews Cruise - Weekend!

Original Microbrewery Tour - Group Brews Cruise - Weekend!

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HELLO!!  It feels so good to be back!  In an effort to re-launch tours we have spoken with the Breweries to find out what would work well for them, for us and for you.  We have decided to re-launch our Group Tours! What that means is the tours will not be open to Public Tastings which means the Van will only have those in your "Bubble." 

Booking a group tour will be a flat rate for the evening and will accommodate a MAX of 10 people. Masks will be necessary when in the Van and until you are seated at the Brewery.  Due to keeping facilities safe and clean we are not able to offer behind the scenes tours. Disposable masks will be available in the tour van at $3/mask.  

Something new we have added is pick up/drop off will be included in our service.  Additional stops can be added for $20/location within the City Limits. 

We have had to make these changes so we can add sanitation measures and make it viable to run tours again as public tastings were a big part of our business. We added the multiple pick up & drop off for an added level of safety from exposure for our guests. Please note weekday tours are at a slightly reduced price in order to encourage additional business outside of the ever-popular weekends. 


Our tour starts at LITTLE BROWN JUG , next we venture to ONE GREAT CITY where we have arranged a gourmet burger & fries, beer flight. Afterwards we will visit HALF PINTS,  and end at TORQUE BREWING with a behind the scenes tour!
All beers and food included in the cost of the tour.
This tour takes approximately 4 hours, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

Please note that tipping is not necessary but always welcome!
Gift Cards will be applied to the total cost of the group tour.
Thank you in advance for your support!